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Company's Post VS User's Posts

Comparison of user activity and admin posting of content.
You can get the reports based on date ranges provided and different filters.

Top 5 domains used on fan-page

Lists the top five domains used by page admins. Helping you determine the link traffic page-admin is throwing outside Facebook and which pages admin is most following.

User's gender by fan-page post

Provide you the gender demographic of page content. Let's you know the type of people are engaging with your brand.

Spam Content Vs Normal Post

Our system recognizes the spam content posted by users on your wall.

Post Content Type

Brand/Company should be creative while making the content strategy. There should be status, links, photos, videos, polls. Our system identifies the regular patterns and highlight them.

Fan-page Post week day frequency

Brands/Companies content posting strategy should be consistent. Our system lets you know the top day brand published its content and when brands/companies are not posting content on fan-page wall.

Admin Post Feedback

Our system lets you know which post performed best in engagement and which posts did not work out for you.

Fanfan page post frequency by admin

Frequency of post per day does matter. It's better to be consistent throughout the week. Content mangers make a mistake of updating many posts in a same day and forgot to post in rest of the week days. Our system provides number of posts per day.

Fan-Page Post Hour Frequency by Admin

Post timing factor cannot be neglected. In social media world feeds just keep on going and you have to choose the best time when majority of your fans would see your post. Our system lets you know the best timing to place the content on fan-page wall.

Sentiment Analysis

This feature is in beta program. Still our automated sentiment analysis algorithm filters out the noise and lets you know the positive and negative sentiment of post.

Fan-Page Fan Growth

Mostly applications similar to our show total fan growth and their graphs show a 45 degree curve. It's because of adding existing + new fans. It's a fact that fans are always increasing on a fan-page. We think that only changing number of fan matter for a fan-page. We zoom on fan growth and focus only on changing fans per day.

Fan-Page Talking About

The "people are talking about this" number is pulled from a variety of interactions that can occur on Facebook over the past seven days. The number is refreshed daily. It will help you know the engagement & virility of fan-page.

Post from mobile phone

You can clearly analyze your fan sources and get a better understanding of mobile phones they are using.

Fans Location

Its good to know your fans and which country they belong. You can geo target your fans.

Fan-Page Growth by Posts

You can analyze each post impact on fan-page fans. We understand fan growth depends on number of factors but it will give you correct results, if you are only relying on fan-page content and its virility.

Admin Response Time

Fans are impatient; They want response from admin in a timely matter. We track the time taken by admin to respond to the fan.

Content News Feed

Providing page-fan wall feeds. It's similar to your fan-page wall but it will also show deleted posts and provide you a Facebook experience inside our application.

Post Appreciation

People like your post because they want to follow it or find it really interesting. Our system lists all your post which are most liked in the given time-frame.

Post Engagement

We determine post engagement by how many comments a post receive. All your posts are sorted by most comments received by post in the given time-frame.

Post Shares

Every brand wants each post to be viral and reach out to maximum people it can. We do it for you. All your posts are sorted by most shared post by users. It would give an exact idea which post was most viral.

Comments Appreciation

Mostly comments are useless but picking out the best comment is a difficult task. Our system lets you know the top comment likes on a post in the given time-frame.

Tagged Comments

Our system tracks the comments where people are tagged in a comment. You can judge how many fans friends are also linked to your brand.

Abusive Comments

Admins can't read every comment on a post. Our system will track the abusive words used in the comments and list them in a given time-frame. You can delete them or take action on time.

User's Appreciation

Autofy analytics provides the list of top users who have like the content most. It provides you the list of people who really love your content and they want to follow your every move.

User's Post

Autofy analytics provides the list of top users who have posted the content most. They are loyal to your brand/company. You should identify these people and give them some type of loyalty gifts.

Post Tag Cloud

Sometimes, fan-pages use too redundant words/ posts which is bad for fan-page. We highlights the frequency of words used in post and help you improve your content.