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Gold's Gym Indonesia

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Gold's Gym has been the authority on fitness since 1965 dating back to the original Gold's Gym in Venice, California. It was the place for serious fitness, and those who are looking for result.

Gold's Gym quickly became known as The Mecca of Bodybuilding. In that first gym in Venice, Gold's Gym now has become the largest co-ed gym chain in the world with 650 facilities in 27 countries. Now, thousands of movie stars, singers, professional sport, athletes, businessmen and many others has been transform to a better shape in their life.

Now, Gold's Gym is proud to enter Indonesia market. We would like to provide the latest equipment and services including, group exercise, personal training, cardiovascular equipment, spinning, pilates and yoga, while maintaining its core weight lifting tradition. With nearly 3 million members world wide, Gold's Gym continues to change lives by helping people achieve their individual potential.

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