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Jones Dairy Farm

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Jones Dairy Farm is a family owned and operated food company that has been making all natural sausage, ham, Canadian bacon, bacon and liver sausage since 1889.

Milo C. Jones founded Jones Dairy Farm in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin in 1889. In 1832, Milo C.’s father, a government surveyor also named Milo, moved from Vermont to Fort Atkinson along with his wife Sally and two children. Among their possessions was a family recipe for sausage that years later would become the cornerstone of the family business.

The sausage that the Jones family made was a favorite among neighbors in Fort Atkinson but it was Milo C. who first had the idea of commercially producing the sausage. Unfortunately, at the early age of 35, Milo C. was stricken with arthritis – which was called rheumatism in those days. Within a few years, he was badly crippled, so much so that he was confined to a wheel chair. However, longing to have a productive life despite his affliction, he decided to take the family recipe and turn it into a business realizing that there was a market for high-quality pork sausage. Milo's thrust to pork sausage was unique. Instead of pork trimmings, he made his sausage using choice cuts of young pork -- hams, loins, and shoulders.

Milo began selling sausage to Wisconsin grocers, neighbors and friends. However, he set his sights on the larger market of nearby Chicago. So Milo began writing to wealthy Chicagoans and taking mail orders. Before long, Jones Sausage was being delivered by rail to Chicago. With an eye on further expansion, Milo would review Boston and New York society pages in search of more potential mail order customers. Further, unlike most sausage makers of the day, Milo began advertising heavily in national magazines like Saturday Evening Post, Literary Digest and Good Housekeeping as early as 1903.

Although the company maintains deep roots to the past, Jones Dairy Farm has also been a groundbreaker establishing a number of industry firsts. 3 In the 1920’s Jones was the first meatpacking company to quick-freeze sausage, facilitating shipping throughout the U.S. and abroad without the need for chemicals and preservatives. The company was also the first to introduce a line of fully cooked breakfast sausage and one of the first to offer a “light” breakfast sausage product.

Jones Dairy Farm has a century long heritage of producing a wide variety of gluten-free products. The company currently offers more than 50 items certified gluten free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization3, a program of the Gluten Intolerance Group. Jones is also a proud sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation.

Jones Dairy Farm is still a family-owned and family-managed company. After Milo C. Jones' death in 1919, he was followed as president by his daughter, Mary. She was followed as president by her nephew, Alan Jones, in 1960 and then by his brother Edward Jones in the1970's, and another Milo C. Jones (Alan's son), who became president in 1983. Edward C. Jones, Jr. became the seventh president in 1995 and Philip Jones, the great-great grandson of company founder Milo C., became the president and CEO, marking the start of the sixth generation of Joneses to lead the company.

Set on 300 acres in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, the Jones Dairy Farm property encompasses the Jones factory, crop fields and the original farmhouse where Milo Jones I settled in 1843. The Secretary of the Interior on December 27, 1978, listed the property on the National Register of Historic Places. The farmhouse is still depicted in the company logo.

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