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HTC South Africa

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It all started in 1997 with a handful of passionate visionaries sharing one big dream. We imagined a world where you were no longer chained to your computer, and began developing touchscreen and wireless headsets before the word ʻsmartphoneʼ was even invented.

As we grew, we teamed up with companies who shared our idea of bringing innovation to people around the world. This led to long-standing partnerships with Microsoft, Google and most of the global mobile networks. Weʼve always believed that technology shouldnʼt dictate the way you do things, and instead aim to develop innovation that works for you in the most natural ways. So, in 2007 we introduced the HTC Touch – the first of many HTC phones featuring an instinctive touch experience.

Two years later we unveiled HTC Sense – a holistic experience that was based on our philosophy of putting you at the centre of everything we do. The next generation of HTC Sense devices continue to stay true to this idea. Itʼs kind of like a promise, that while technology around us evolves and accelerates, weʼll never forget that making it work for you is our first priority.

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